Finally, Starting a blog after years of procrastination!

Here I go…

My 1st post on my blog. 

I bought this domain 3 years back thinking to start a blog. I thought of making it live many times but never published. I procrastinated all these years.

I planned to launch in last Nepali New year 2 months back too but I did not like the layout of the blog so I ended up changing the design of the website till late night and spent few other days working on the layout. (still working)

Now when I think,  I procrastinated to launch this blog because of:

1. Overthinking, Overanalyzing and never being ready

  • Overthinking – the art of creating problems that weren’t even there.

Whenever I wanted to hit the publish button I will always stop with so many “what ifs” and think probably I am not ready yet.

2. Fear mixed with self-criticism and self-doubts

“Our deepest fear is that we’re not enough. I don’t care if it’s the president, a prisoner, an Olympic athlete or a parent. We feel we’re not competent enough—or smart, strong, athletic, humorous or beautiful enough.”, Tony Robbins

The fear and self-doubts of not being good enough to write a blog and again the fear of everything that can go wrong. But, I love to face fear and I believe the thing you are most scared to do is the thing you must do and I have enjoyed facing fear in the past while following my dreams which helped me to increase my horizon and grow. So, facing again now.

3. Not having clarity on what to write in the blog

“Clarity is the highest form of intelligence.” I often share this quote in my training program. Right now, I have been super clear about what to write in my blog. So this has definitely faded. 

4. Thinking blogging is a huge responsibility and I was not able to bear that

Mainly because I am working in youth legend, my social enterprise which needs a huge amount of time and attention. So, I thought blogging could be a distraction in my work. Recently on May 23, we completed 5 years of youth legend. It has been a great learning experience and a wonderful ride. I am grateful for everything. We have decided to make a shift in how we work and how we take youth legend further. I believe this is the perfect time to start my blogging journey.


I started writing in my diary since I was 12. I won that diary as a winning prize for a poem competition at my School on one occasion of Saraswati puja.

In the darkest days and happiest days, paper and pen were like the warm arms to hug me, comfort me, support me, celebrate me. These keyboards of my laptop helped me to celebrate and guide through my solitude, happiness, pain, confusion, love and more. 

Professor James Pennebaker, from the University of Texas in Austin, has carried out numerous experiments on the health benefits of writing expressively and has shown that regular writing can bolster the immune system, help you recover from traumatic events more successfully and ease stress and depression.

This is not my 1st blog. I had one in blog spot in 2012 where I have few poems and articles but I did not continue. So, after that here I am starting my blogging journey.

Writing is something that sparks my soul and helps me to get clarity. I am clearer than ever about the things that I will post in my blog in the days to come.

So, here I am freeing myself from fears, self-doubts, negativity, overthinking and self-criticism, starting my new journey of blogging. 


Background story: Realizations, suffering, and Transformation

Imagine living a life doing all the things that you always wanted to do, being in your best state physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, socially! Thriving, growing in every area of your life! I started #livingbestlifeChallenge for myself starting March 30 2019.

I realized that many people start their startups to be free but end up being caged in it 24*7. I am guilty of doing that. 

In the past years, I have overworked, have been hustling with my startup and side gigs, working longer and my health deteriorated over the years. My physical and mental health was deteriorating significantly because of stress, anxiety, work life imbalance, etc. Only last year I was on antibiotics 4 times because of recurring tonsillitis and fever, was having painkiller frequently for my extreme neck/shoulder pain resulting in abdominal bloating, gastritis. More medicines!

Though I  have been extremely grateful and felt privileged for wonderful experiences I had past years with youth legend. Since our physical health is interrelated to our mental health. I was not productive, was stressed, anxious most of the time and was having difficulty to be in peace and positive state. I knew I had to change. Though I have been teaching meditations, breathing exercises, yoga in our international youth camps, I was guilty of not doing the practice regularly.

While having all these experiences, I knew I have to significantly change my lifestyle.  

Extreme Body ache and mobile damage: THE SIGNAL

3 months back I had extreme right side abdominal area pain and back pain. So painful that I would wake up at the middle of the night in so much pain, i could not even find the right painless position to sleep properly. I went for a checkup after a few days of suffering. The doctor gave me medicine for muscular pain after doing X-ray it did not work and I went again but the doctor said, “It should have worked, I don’t know your symptoms don’t look like anything”. I asked then why I am having this recurring pain and he said probably it is not anything or will go and if you want you can do other tests. I decide not to do any further test and decided to choose natural ways to heal my body and it really worked. Just within a week, I was not facing any kind of pain any longer in my abdomen. I healed myself.

“When you’re happy, relaxed, and free of stress, the body can accomplish amazing, even miraculous, feats of self-repair.” 
― Lissa Rankin, Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself

Just after that, my mobile which I bought only for 2 months was water damaged and could not be repaired. So, I was without a mobile phone for a week.

I took both the incident as a signal from the Universe to start the change my habits and pattern. It’s the time to take care of my physical, mental health while balancing every area of life, and do many things that I have been wanting to do since a long time like blogging, planting flowers, trees, changing my eating pattern, changing work style and many other wonderful things.

I went through this amazing process that I designed where I challenged myself to replace the habit that has been serving me positively and replaced it with new habits.

Was I sad about my new mobile damage? Yes, but only for a while, a few hours actually! Because I took it as a signal for doing something better in my life. This mobile was special because for the 1st time I invested my money to buy mobile. Before that, I used iphone gifted by my Uncle for 5 years and before that my parents gave me the phone. I never wanted to associate my happiness with the materialistic possession, so, it was easier for me than I thought. I am happy and content with the old phone with no memory card and broken screen donated by my friend. 

I did not use the mobile for a week and did not use social media for weeks. Now, I have allocated 1 hour a day for social media yet I even don’t use it that long. 

According to research, having people “like” your posts releases dopamine in the brain. This is the same chemical that is released when you take drugs, or when a gambling addict wins.

My sickness and mobile damage was a good motivation to kickstart the new transformation in my life and start doing all of these things.

Over past few months, I learned many amazing things about our body, food, health, ancient healing, longevity, aging, frequency, energy, vibration, gratitude, love etc and started to create many rituals in my life that can help me to live the life I always wanted to with proper balance, harmony, and peace. Some of the things have blown my mind. I became more conscious about how we all have been hypnotized by the world, society, people every single day of our life making so many unconscious choices without having any idea about it. We really need to do lots of deep diving to unlearn and unbecome the real us.

I believe it is fundamental for all of us to grow, change and be a better version of ourselves. 

Change definitely takes time, disciplined effort every single day of your life. Sometimes you are stricken with motivation and want to do something but life transformation does not happen overnight and you again fall in the trap of the same pattern. 

Transformation requires dedicated effort every single day to replace the old pattern that has not been serving you and replacing it with a new one.

You need a great amount of discipline to do it every single day and create a HABIT. 

“Change might not be fast and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped. The Golden Rule of Habit Change: You can’t extinguish a bad habit, you can only change it.” 
― Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business



I am passionate about growth, impact, and experiences. So, through this blog, you will go on this amazing journey of experiences, growth, and impact with me. I will share some amazing travel and learning experiences. I will also include some amazing tricks and tips to add value in your life. 

I am planning to launch a few helpful courses in the days to come. I have been doing lots of workshops, training, dance movement therapies for people from different countries already, I am really hoping to launch some amazing courses too. 

I will challenge myself and challenge you to live the best life. Living Best Life is the theme of this blog. That’s my Instagram handle too.

And a month ago (19th May, 2019), I got the 1st tattoo of my life. I wrote living best life. This shall be the reminder for me to always push myself out of my comfort zones, not get stuck in negativity, mediocrity, don’t self-sabotage and to live this uncertain, amazing life in best possible way. 🙂

This website shall be my quest and answer to live the best life.

So, Are you living your best life?

I am gonna start #livingbestlifechallenge from the next post.  So that, you and I can challenge ourselves to live the best life during our short visit to this world

Thank you for reading my 1st post and being one of the 1st few visitors to my blog. If you have any suggestions/feedback feel free to let me know. If you want to stay updated, please subscribe 🙂

To know more about me, click here. Here is my personal and professional bio.


  1. Amazing dd. Can’t wait to read all ur posts. Best of luck dd…

    1. Thank you so much Rachel. <3

  2. There’s a saying, Morning shows the day. Your beginning is marbulous & superb. You have written an excellent & informative blog. Though its a long but you know what when i was reading this i felt you are talking with me. You are so good. You just expressed yourself. That’s the spirit i like. I learned a lot of things from this blog & inspired. Best part was FEAR & CLARITY. I will also try to do my best in my life what you have shared here. I will wait for your next blog & courses too. Hope for the best for your new journey. Lots of Love.

    1. wow!Thank you so much, Saiful. Appreciate you for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts. It’s a wonderful motivation for me. Sending good vibes and love <3

  3. Love this Sudha! I hope you inspire others to start their own blog series :).

    1. Thank you so much Rachel for taking time to read this and your kind words. <3

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