Are you ready to create your version of BEST LIFE?

As a Life Coach, I will help you to unbecome, unstuck, take action & create YOUR VERSION OF BEST LIFE with a holistic approach focusing on all the areas of your life.

We will work together to identify and let go of the limiting beliefs, patterns that has been holding you back and shift mindset, develop greater self awareness, confidence, SELF LOVE.

I will help you in setting goals, as your accountability partner I will help you take actions to create positive shift and transformation in your life, career and areas you are struggling in your life. 

Client’s Testimonials

Working with Sudha was exactly what I needed. Her coaching greatly assisted me in developing the next steps in my career whilst addressing some real personal challenges. Her professionalism and empathy along with her tools and knowledge gave me a real boost.

I can highly recommend coaching with Sudha, and it’s worth booking a consultation to see if you are a fit to work together. I’ve recommended multiple friends to Sudha

Matt Koning

Founder Sensic Digital(Prev. Chief Operating Officer Konscious Keto), Australia

I’ve had a few coaches here and there before but Sudha has been the best by far! Sudha is the only coach I’ve found where she’s truly invested in your personal growth. She truly cares about the progress of who she works with and that always comes first on her list of priorities before anything else. If you have success, her energy and true happiness for you is infectious.
If something didn’t go to plan, she’s quick to come up with a solution to fix it. I couldn’t recommend her enough for this talent of hers along with everything else she brings to the table. Everything comes from a place of genuinely thinking of how to help the other person grow. I am seeing dramatic changes that I am more than happy with!

If you’re looking for someone that can help you on your path to personal growth, designing a life you love, offering different perspectives and helps you to get the most out of your day, month and life – she’s the perfect choice.

James Corneille

CEO @ IndivMedia, Entrepreneur, IRELAND

I would like to thank Sudha for her continued support during my journey. Sudha has been instrumental in helping me to find clarity through some challenging times, as well help keep me in check with regards to the pursuing of my goals.

From the time Sudha started working with me, I have seen some massive transformational shifts begin to happen and found her methods to be extremely helpful in keeping me on track. I would highly recommend her services to anybody in need of support. I can honestly say I don’t know what I would have done without her during this time in my life. She is truly a special coach with the ability to really help make a difference in people’s lives.

Sally Hope

Real Estate Consultant, South Africa(Now: Thailand)

Sudha is a professional who naturally manages to make you feel at ease. I had reached a point in my life where I felt like I was drifting and needed some guidance. Sudha guided me through the difficult times of lockdown, with compassion, empathy, and understanding. She has the ability to build confidence where needed, to reaffirm my beliefs and values, whilst challenging any negative thoughts and behavior with gentle kindness.

I would highly recommend her professional services to anyone who is looking to develop their professional and personal life that is in line with their values and goals. Her approach is totally non-judgmental and the sessions are really focused on you and on what you want to achieve. I have only attended a few sessions with Sudha, and I certainly intend to attend more in the near future. In a nutshell, Sudha is a rare gem, a fantastic coach, and simply a delightful human being!

Agma Malakar

Country Director, STEALTH, Nepal

Starting Coaching with Sudha was the best decision of my life. Since, working with her, this year has become the best year of my life. I am happy with all the progress I made after working with her. My self-confidence, self-trust, self love, inner peace, and happiness have increased tremendously. My earlier tendency of procrastination, laziness improved drastically in the past few months. She has helped me build solid self-discipline and habit while shifting my mindset and beliefs that were not serving me. I lost weight (11kg) and got back on track of regular fitness and healthy eating. I have become more productive in my work and my side business, I have improved important relationships in my life.

I am happier and feel like I am in control of my life, really leading my life. I feel very balanced and really happy in various areas of life. When things are not on track or stressful or when problems come too, Sudha has guided and supported me in that process with her expertise and it has been very helpful in the past months. I will continue to keep working with her for more growth, transformation and happiness too.


I have been working with Sudha for 2 months. It was the best decision I have made in my life. In 2 months, I feel happier and more confident. In 2 months, I started healthy life by joining a gym, eating healthy food, and started healthy relationships. In the past, I was planning my life but I didn’t apply my plan. With Sudha, I did better planning for my life and I am applying it with valuable guidance from her.

The best thing about Sudha’s coaching is that she is really listening, understanding, and giving the best solution for you. She is always proud of your work and makes you feel ok if you have been feeling miserable. I will recommend her services to my friends or anyone because I am sure that she will help them.



Sudha has been coaching me for already a year: in project-management, guidance on improving my leadership skills, motivation, career planning, emotional regulation. Her insights are rooted in many years of experience with young people, studying psychology, being a natural empath, and fighter for social justice. I have learned a lot from the way she handles difficulties and career troubles, the way she overcomes challenges in a greatly emotionally-attuned way. I continue to learn and grow by listening to her deep perspective on life and everything it entails. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with her and get advice from someone with such a lengthy history of experiences and career successes. She is an inspiring and motivational woman who will be able to empower you in diverse areas of your life.

Nicoleta Paladi

Project Assistant, Council of Europe, Moldova (Now: Slovakia)

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