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I am a person who appreciates this life. Being able to born in this planet earth as a human and having an existence in this magical Universe is a wonderful thing that I am really grateful of. I am multi-passionate and love trying various things in life. I don’t like to label myself/anyone because I believe in transformation and growth. If I had labeled myself probably I will still be that shy, socially awkward, socially anxious girl of my teenage days with no confidence and self-esteem! Many things that I believed in my teens and early twenties have changed over the years.

Discovering and creating a new version of me every single day. 🙂

Professional BIO

Sudha Subedi is a Founder/CEO of Youth Legend. She is a graduate of Coady International Institute, Canada on Leadership on Community Development Advanced Course. Sudha is a Consultant and Global Catalyst in US based company International Connector where she has worked in different projects with renowned companies like Microsoft (as Youth Advisor), Institute for Future, Fortune 500 company – StubHub(Millienial Catalyst) etc.

Sudha leads dynamic training program that helps individuals to get rid of confusion and find clarity to live a life of their dreams through practical tools and techniques on self-awareness, exploration, healing, and leadership. Sudha has trained and lead a workshop for people from 25+ countries from the diverse age group of 12 years to 70 years on leadership, self-awareness, self-exploration and dance movement therapy. She is also a Dance Movement Therapist. She has also been teaching yoga and meditation to beginners.

She was one of the 12 Your Big Year Champions and only South Asian finalist in a global competition your big year in 2013 selected from over 60,000 participants via year-long competition and participated in finals in San Francisco where she participated in various story sharing session, team challenges and programs related to leadership and entrepreneurship in silicon valley’s companies like Google, Vodafone and many other renowned companies.

Sudha worked as Part-time Program Officer in Global Peace Foundation Nepal. She also used to do drop shipping and e-commerce business.

She was one of the judges of the competition Your Big Year USA 2018. On 2012, she was crowned as 2nd Runner up in Miss National Queen Beauty pageant. She has been the judge of various beauty pageants and competitions. She has interviewed many influential and inspirational people in different sectors of Nepal.

From 2009-2011, She was Team leader of ‘Friends of Youth Action’, a volunteer group of Youth Action Nepal. While working there, she also worked as a leadership and team building trainer and motivator and trained hundreds of young people, co-assisted Nepal-London exchange Program

She was the initiator of social campaign Cloth For All and one of the initiators of Book For Village Campaign. She was founder member and Secretary of NGO ‘Let’s Help Nepal’.

Connect with Sudha

Instagram: @livingbestlife

Twitter: @sudhasubedi
Email: [email protected]