Sudha Subedi About Me

I coach you to bring results & achieve your biggest goals. I work with you to get rid of the self-doubts, be connected to your true self and true potential, and bring out the best of you in your life, work, relationships, and more with the holistic approach.

I have more than a decade-long professional experience in the field of personal development as a Life Coach, Trainer, Facilitator for people of 40+ countries, leadership and Management experiences as a founder of various enterprises, and CEO of my own enterprises.

With the right tool, techniques, support and guidance, we all can create the best version of our lives and live that “IDEAL LIFE” that we have envisioned.

After a decade long experience in the personal development field as a trainer, facilitator through various ways, In 2019, I felt there could be more transformation and result in the lives of people with Coaching where I can directly work with people and create the transformation, that’s why I started my coaching journey as a Life Coach.

I spend 11+ years in personal development field starting as a leadership and Team Building Trainer when I was 19. I have also founded multiple social enterprises while constantly working in the personal development field as a Lead Trainer, Meditation Instructor, Dance Movement Therapist, and since 2019 as a Life Coach. Among all the work I did, I felt the biggest transformation was seen in myself and also in my clients when I started the coaching journey with a holistic approach.

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LIFE COACH: 2019 to Present

– Worked with entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, Real State Consultants, Government Worker, Business Consultants, Engineers etc from various continents helping them to overcome limiting beliefs, break autopilot patterns, shift their mindset, take leadership of their life and achieve their highest goals and create the best version of their life


– Training in Personal Development, Self Awareness, Leadership, Team Building to 16 to 70 years

CONSULTANT, International Connector, USA – 2015 to 2020

– Worked with people of 70+countries and worked as Consultant/Advisors in diverse projects with various companies including fortune 500 companies Microsoft, eBay-Stub Hub, Institute of the future, Curran Theater etc


  • Facilitated various group Dance Movement Therapy session to people around the world where the body movement is used for the purpose of healing, self awareness, self reflection, letting go and more
  • Led various guided meditation sessions for people of different corners of the world.

FOUNDER and CEO, YOUTH LEGEND: 2014 to Present

– Led the diverse team, designing, built global collaborations, implemented multiple international and national events(International Youth Camps, International Exchange Programs, LEAD – leadership, exploration and Development Training program, competitions, corporate tournaments, mental health counseling platforms, Opportunity portals and app), handling branding, marketing, collaborations, growth and sustainability


  • Sajilo Kausi Kheti (Easy Rooftop Farming) – 2020
  • Look Good Store – 2016 (Ecommerce, Dropshipping)
  • Together for Transformation(NGO)
  • Let’s Help Nepal(NGO)


  • Traveled to 15 countries
    as a delegate in various Conferences in Scholarships, creating international events of my own social enterprise, also did a backpacking trip to South East Asia
  • Speaker and Moderator in different Conferences
  • Board Member and Advisors of various local Cooperative, and Social Service clubs
  • Activism, Volunteerism, Led various voluntary projects: Free Mental Health Counseling,  Establishing library in remote villages, distributing cloths, Free Dental Camps, Blood Donation Programs etc


  • Your Big Year Champion 2013 (One of the 12 champions from 60,000+ global participants flown to San Francisco, USA)
  • Miss National Queen 2012 Runner up


I have transformed my life from an introverted teenage girl with extreme social anxiety and trauma born in an average middle-class family of a 3rd world country Nepal where dreams had no place in life, it's been always about working hard, making money, and surviving. Especially when you are a girl there are more restrictions as a culture and you are expected to get married and have kids in the early 20s.

It has been one hell of an adventure coming from there to pushing myself, overcoming my doubts, building confidence, fostering self-esteem and going for my dreams, and living my dreams. 

The dreams of living life in my own terms, building and creating the life I truly desired and love, constantly working on my every dream and living those dreams like traveling the world, founding and leading different ventures, working with people from different continents, while being in my best shape, having great people to count on to, feeling healthy, balanced and peaceful.

This all started when I read a book of Swet Marden as a teenager Step to Success where he mentioned that “We are a sailor of this ship called life and we can take it to any direction we want to”. I remember having goosebumps while reading this because before than that noone ever taught me this, not in the school not by the family or society. That was the first time I felt, WE ACTUALLY COULD CHOOSE OUR LIFE instead of just following the herd.

That’s how my journey of revolutionizing my own life started, the journey of unlearning everything that I had learned till that time and starting to create a life of choice writing my own story considering myself as a scriptwriter, director, actor of this movie called life.

It has been important for me to find a way to create impact and serve while constantly growing and evolving as an individual while also enjoying this grand experience of uncertain and precious life.

I try to live by mantra “LIVING BEST LIFE” and actually have tattoed it in my wrist too as a reminder to myself.

Being not born with the silver spoon, going through some painful childhood traumas, having severe social anxiety, going through unlimited self-doubts, countless limiting beliefs about self, the fear, the financial struggles, the battles with self and others, sometimes wanting to give up yet, despite all of that, I could be true to myself, challenge myself, constantly kept unlearning, self healing to create the life that I wanted and I am constantly writing the new script of my life.

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