Living Best Life?

On March 4, 2016 I asked people on my facebook “Hey, If I say *Living Best Life* what will you understand? What is *Best Life* for you?”

Few people from different countries – Nepal, UK, USA, France, Australia etc answered it. And their age group was diverse too, from late teens to those in sixties.

Here are some of the replies:

Travel, fearless life, prioritizing happiness, doing things what you want to do, living your dreams, life without regret! 

I have been always fascinated by the people who claim they are living their best lives and wondered how it would be like to live the best life. Intrigued by the phrase around 2016 I changed my Instagram handle to @livingbestlife I have been wondering about this concept since years and recently I decided it is the time to live by this mantra for real.

Back in 2016 I wrote – For me, living best life means living the life in such a way that before I close my eyes, i won’t have any regrets. I could tell myself “Yes, I live the best life”. The awesome life!


Living best life does not happen overnight. Just having a tattoo in the part of the body won’t really mean that a person is living the best life 😉 .

I got my living best life tattoo because this shall be the reminder for me to always push myself out of my comfort zones, not get stuck in negativity, mediocrity, don’t self-sabotage and to live this uncertain, amazing life in best possible way.

In my first post, I shared how I went through this amazing process that I designed where I challenged myself to replace the habit that has been serving me positively and replaced it with new habits.


I started this challenge on 28th March 2019, I called it #livingbestlifeChallenge and in this I would take decision almost every single day. A decision that would either replace my wrong habit with the right one or I would form a new habit. I will adopt a new habit without no excuses. Once I make a decision, I have to do it no matter what at least for 21 days. No excuses! Because, they say it takes 21 days to form a habit, once the habit is formed, the process will be quite easy anyway.

I decided to make choices and decisions to transform various areas of my life – Physical and Mental Health, well being, Fitness, Relationships, Business, Work, Dreams and more. And the process is going on!

Sounds pretty simple right? yes, it is!

We sometimes tend to complicate simple things in life, don’t we?

Simple truth: we all know we are here in this world for a short visit and probably in a few years we might not be here anyway. So, why not living our best life right?

Death has been my biggest motivation always. Even right now while I write this to remind us the uncertainty of life – the inevitable truth, I feel motivated.

In my last birthday, I took a resolution of simplifying and letting go. Yes, I am a big fan of resolution. 😀 Sometimes I wait for a special day, sometimes I do it on any random day. Just like my #livingbestlifechallenge I started on 29th March, that day was neither new year nor my birthday, but, I wanted to make a change, so why not right?

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” — Steve Jobs


I mentioned a little bit about this in my previous post too. Background, realization, suffering and the transformation!

Imagine living a life doing all the things that you always wanted to do, being in your best state physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, socially! Thriving, growing in every area of your life! This is the goal of #livingbestlifeChallenge

Transformation requires dedicated effort every single day to replace the old pattern that has not been serving you and replacing it with a new one.

This, of course, is a long process. There are countless patterns that we have been adopting all our lives and we need to challenge all those patterns and replace with good patterns and habits. I am currently in great state and have been taking daily decision/resolution/challenges that will help me to be in my best state.

I am aware of human possibilities, possibilities that we all have. I believe in the power of belief, dedication, discipline and the impact that one individual can create if we take our power back and decide to break the pattern of countless things that has been controlling us even before our birth.

How wonderful it is to be in this human body with so many potentials!

My Experience so far!

I have been in a great state physically and mentally. I could feel the significant changes. The decisions I made for 1st few weeks focused on transforming my health. I lost 5kg. I started to wake up between 5 to 5:15 am without an alarm even during the days when I slept late. I loved the adventure in the beginning.

I started to get extremely uncomfortable if I don’t do any of the things that are on my decision list. That’s positive because thats what i wanted. When habit is created, you would do things without any effort. But later when there were many decisions, I was overwhelmed at some point, someday I was traveling and work late and could not follow it. I felt bad for feeling that way and not doing things and was doing lots of self criticism. Weird how we become sad for being sad, ain’t it? Had to stop that spiral!

So, I reminded myself that the whole point of #livingbestlifechallenge is not to bring suffering, it is the journey of freedom, happiness, love, dreams and impact. So, I stopped the guilt trip, forgiven me and started another day again. So, I immediately tried to shift my perspective.

These questions were the fuel for me to get me started or make right choices many times when I would try to make excuses or find reasons. 



It’s amazing how asking the right question can help us to get clarity about many things.

I love asking difficult questions to myself and also to others during my training programs. Many participants have told me before that they never thought that way, they never asked such question to themselves. One of my favorite questions that I ask is – “What is that behavior/thought that does not really belong to you but you somehow adopted because of your surrounding/family/society/the trend?” 

Join me in the journey of #LivingBestLife ?

I am dreaming to build an amazing community. Imagine having a community where diverse people support each other journey of #livingbestlife I believe it is possible.

Here is my #livingbestlifeChallenge for you! Today, think about only one habit that you want to replace or add in your life! And if you like it, you can slowly keep adding new decisions every day to your life!

That could be anything – something you can do weekly or daily. This could be related to anything -your health, fitness, work, study, relationship, family, dreams, goals etc

Some of my decisions were making my bed as soon as I wake up, cold shower, Surya Namaskar yoga, intermittent fasting at least once a week, no social media after 10pm, not touching mobile as soon as I wake up, neck/back exercise every single day, not ordering food online at least till my next birthday, No negativity day once a week etc. 

Many of my decisions in the past days were related to physical and mental health. Now, I will be taking the decisions for my enterprise goals, development, many other dreams, the things I wanted to do. I will be sharing more in the next post. 

Feel free to share with me in the comments, what is “living best life” for you?

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